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About Us

We have a strong background in the hospitality industry – having run a backpacker hostel in Perth for over 10 years.  After that we, 2 adults and 4 kids, decided to broaden our horizons by spending time with each other whilst sharing our travel experiences. We bought a caravan and went around Australia.  Enjoyed it so much we decided to sell our house car and caravan and go travel Europe.  We explored 13 countries during our Europe holidays. The scenery was captivating, the culture amazing and the people engaging.  We then headed to Malaysia, Penang, settling there for a year and sent the kids to school to learn a new language. Penang’s diverse cultures are wonderfully reflected in its nearly endless range of Asian foods – a tasty bonus for us!  A truly great holiday experience for the whole family.

After our extensive travels we looked for a place to settle where we could put all our travelling/hospitality knowledge to good use.  When the ‘Batavia Coast Caravan Park’ was offered to us as part of a deceased estate, we recognized the potential this park could have under the right management. It did not take long for the decision to buy the park and finally, in October 2017, it became ours.

After taking ownership, everybody in our family rolled up their sleeves to improve the park on every level. Not only on the ground – removing/updating old and neglected facilities and other park infrastructures, but tackling the much harder task of rebuilding customer trust. With humble pride we can report that the feedback received since take-over is overwhelmingly positive.

With the old ‘Batavia Coast Caravan Park’ slowly becoming a thing of the past, it was time to close that chapter of the park, and start a fresh, new one. Half way through 2018 the new name ‘Geraldton Caravan Park’ became official, a small milestone on the way to a bright future.  Our main goal is the creation of a modern park catering for a wide range of travellers, giving them a feeling of a relaxed home away from home.

Our promise to you is that our whole family will do its utmost to create a pleasant environment for a wonderful, carefree stay in our park. Our goal is to satisfy our customers above and beyond with great quality and the best customer service in Geraldton.

If you are satisfied with our service, please tell your friends about us, if you aren’t please tell us so we have the opportunity to rectify the situation.

Your comments about us on the social media would be appreciated.


Wishing you a pleasant stay with us


The Loy family – Jason, Seri, Umi, Sky, Reef and Sui

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