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Geraldton Caravan Park Property Terms & Conditions


Conditions of Stay

Welcome to Geraldton Caravan Park, we aim to please in every area of our premises. We hope to make your stay relaxing and joyful, allowing you to recharge whether on holiday or in transit. We are not fancy and are unable to please everyone, should we upset you in any way please kindly let us know. Unwarranted behavior will not be tolerated at any time.


Additional fee and penalty

On making your reservation and or entering our Park you acknowledge and hereby agree to our terms and conditions as well as acknowledging and accepting there are extra changes and penalty fee may applies and is payable immediately, if you do not pay the fee as requested you will be asked to leave our Park immediately, police will be called in and your details will be report to or other authorities and caravan parks. 


General Acceptance

You agree to the Terms and Conditions of Stay (this document) by reservation or by entering the Park. Third-Party Terms and Conditions will not apply to any guest or staff member in Geraldton Caravan Park. In the event that such terms are contradicted by third-party terms or conditions, the Guest agrees that Geraldton Caravan Park Tourist Park’s Terms and Conditions of Stay will apply as overarching and governing.


Check-in / Check-out Time


*Check-in is available from 2pm. Early check-in can be arranged for a fee with prior notice and if your cabin is available. 

*Check-out is before 10am. For every hour past 10am a $25.00 surcharge is incurred by the guest (e.g. 11:15am departure will be considered two hours and a $50 surcharge is incurred).

Powered, Unpowered and Ensuite Camping Sites

*Your site is available from 12pm on the day of your booking. *Early check-in maybe available from 10am with prior notice for a $5.00 fee payable on check-in.

*You will need to vacate your site by 10am on the day of your departure. Late departures will incur a $10 fee for every hour past 10am (e.g. 11:30 departure will be considered two hours and results in a $20 surcharge). 


Late Arrivals

If you will be arriving after 5:30pm on the day of your arrival, please contact the Park between 9am to 4pm directly so that we can make arrangements for you to check in. Alternatively, please let us know when making your booking if you will be arriving after 5:30pm, we are more than happy to organize late check in for you. Late check in information will be sent to your mobile phone on the afternoon of your arrival date.


COVID-19 and Self-Quarantine

At Geraldton Caravan Park we do not have rooms to accommodate anyone in a self-quarantine situation. Please stay home if you have covid 19. Please follow government guidelines and restrictions regarding covid according to the WA health website.


If you become COVID Positive during your stay, you are required to inform the Park immediately via the Office phone number 9938 1222. You may not be able to stay in the Park as our accommodation may not be suitable to provide self-contained, self-supported care. If you are unable to leave the Park, your stay will incur additional costs of up to 150% per night of the original booking’s nightly rate as well as $200 cleaning fee for the additional cleaning costs associated with a COVID positive case in the Park.


Use of our cabins

*We hope you appreciate our cabin and take care of it whilst you occupy it.

*Please kindly leave the cabin in the same condition as when you checked in.

*Upon check-in should there be something we missed please kindly advise us.

*Should you leave a mess or mistreat our cabins resulting in additional cleaning or repairs, we reserve the right to charge you for any additional cost we incur.

*No illegal activity to be conducted in our cabins, should we suspect any illegal activity you will be asked to leave without refund and the police will be informed

*We reserve the right to enter your accommodation, at any reasonable time during your stay, in order to inspect the condition of the accommodation or without notice in the event of an emergency. 

*Geraldton Caravan Park is not liable for any theft or loss of your personal possessions whilst in our park or whilst you are in your holiday accommodation. Please take appropriate security measures to ensure against theft and/or loss.



Bookings can be made online or by contacting us on 9938 1222 from 9am to 11am. Online booking via our website will result in a discount on your booking.  


Pricing and Deposits

The pricing is displayed at the time of booking and payment must be received in full to secure your booking. A $100 security deposit is required for cabin bookings which will be refunded back to your credit card after your departure provided the cabin is in the same state as when you checked in. If extra cleaning is required, fees will be deducted accordingly.

Prices are subject to changes without notice    


Booking Deposits

Full payment is required during high season 

Low season we require one day payment in advance for sites. Full payment is required for cabin bookings.


A credit card number will be taken with every booking, it will not be used without your authorization.



Cancellation & Refunds

Low Season Cancellation 

Should you need to cancel your reservation within 3 days of your arrival date NO REFUND will be provided, if you provide more than 3 days notice to cancel your reservation one day of your booking fee will be charged or you may choose to move your reservation to another future date.


High Season Cancellation

Should you cancel your reservation within 7 days of your arrival date NO REFUND will be provided, if you provide more than 7 days notice to cancel your reservation one day of your booking fee will be charged or you may choose to move your reservation to another future date.


Long weekend and school holiday booking Cancellation

Should you cancel your reservation within 14 days of your arrival date NO REFUND will be provided, if you provide more than 14 days notice to cancel your reservation one day of your booking fee will be charged or you may choose to move your reservation to another future date.


Should you need to cancel your booking you must advise us via telephone, email or SMS. Your cancellation will only be effective as of the date we receive your confirmation.

It remains the discretion of the Park Manager to modify the following terms and conditions for exceptional circumstances. 


Compassionate Cancellation

On compassionate grounds we may offer you a refund please kindly write to us as soon as possible to inform us of your situation. We may require proof for the reason of your cancellation, an administration fee will apply.

We do not offer refunds for weather-related reasons or other reasons outside of the control of Geraldton Caravan Park.


Cancellation or changes by us

In the event where we need to cancel or change some aspects of your booking, we will inform you as soon as possible prior to your booking date and you have the follow options to choose.

  1. Accept the changes 

  2. Cancel your booking with full refund

  3. Save your booking credit with us for a future booking

We will always try to honor your booking but in the event of an emergency or unforeseen event outside our control we do not offer any compensation. 



Please be aware that any guest under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult during their stay. We do not accept booking by minors.



Park Rules


Office hours

*High season 7 days 9am-5pm

*Low season Monday-Saturday 9-11am 3:30-530pm



*In-house guests are permitted to have visitors during office hours 9am-5pm

*Visitors must sign in at reception with you or prior arrangement with office by you.

*Visitors must park their vehicle in the visitor parking located at the front of the Park.

*In fairness to other paying guests a fee applies to visitors using Park facilities, $8/adult $5/child.

*Your visitors are your responsibility please ensure your visitors behave respectfully, any cost related to damages is your responsibility.

*Visitors must abide by the Park rules at all times or they will be asked to leave the Park. The Park operator reserves the right to reject guest’s visitors.



*All patrons of our park are required to follow the house rules, failure to do so will result in eviction without refund.

*Please be respectful, mindful, show courtesy and behave appropriately when you and your family or friends are in our Park.

*We reserve the right to refuse or eject anyone if its the reasonable opinion of the Park, in the best interest of the Park and our guests without refund.

*Please kindly advise all members of your party to behave appropriately or you may be denied the right to use the Park facilities.

*Respect the rights of peace, comfort and privacy of fellow park residents and guests of the park

*Do not yell or use inappropriate language for the park residents and guests of the park to hear

*Be respectful to everyone and everything in the park

*Do not use force, harass and threaten anyone in the park including staff members

*Do not be a nuisance in any form within the park grounds

*No tolerance for illegal substances and public intoxication



*The park speed limit is 8km/hr (including bikes)

*Only one motor vehicle and one towable per site.  Vehicle must be parked safely on your site

*Unless the written or verbal consent of the caravan park owner/ manager has been obtained for a second vehicle which would attract a $5/night fee  (Such written consent will only be given if 1. a) both vehicles are owned and used by the site occupants and 2. b) in the opinion of the caravan park owner, a satisfactory parking place is available.) If a short-stay guest this option is only available on big rig and unpowered sites.

*Please be aware washing of vehicle of any sort is not permitted in the Park, a fee of $50 will be charged. Please support other local business and bring your vehicle to nearest car wash.

*Please reframe from doing any mechanical work on your vehicle on our sites, should you need to do emergency repair please ask staff where you can do so. Penalty of $200 and additional contamination cleaning fee may apply.

*Do not bring an unregistered or unroadworthy vehicle into the caravan park without the prior written consent of the caravan park owner.

*Drive or ride vehicles on the roads only (not thru sites)

*Obey all road rules throughout the park

*Not ride bicycles in the caravan park outside of daylight hours

*Parking in allocated site only, safely off the road 


We are happy to welcome your pets in our Park, your pet is your responsibility.

* Maximum 2 dogs/cats per site (unless agreed by park owner in writing).

* All pets must be checked in

* Dogs must remain on a leash (maximum length of 2 meters, no longer) at all times whilst on park grounds.

* All pet droppings and food scraps must be tied in a plastic bag and disposed of in a rubbish bin. Fines of $150 will be issued if you aren’t cleaning up after your pet.

* Your pet must be up to date with all its vaccinations.

* Boisterous pets are subject to the park noise curfew, please have consideration for your fellow campers/residents.

* Keep pets out of park facilities (ablutions, camp kitchen, pool area)

* Dogs must be socialised – non sociable, aggressive dogs or excessively “yappy” dogs are not permitted into the park

* We do understand that dogs bark, but excessive barking will result in an unfortunate early departure. We are very mindful of other guests staying at the park.

* All of our cabins are pet friendly for a fee, provided you advise us at the time of booking. Please bring along bedding for your pet. Pets are not allowed on any furniture, a cleaning fee of $200 will be charged if we find otherwise.

* Dogs are not to be left unattended at any time. This is for the welfare of your dog. This includes inside the cabin, inside your car or anywhere on the park grounds. (permanent residents excepted)

* Dog owners must agree that the park managers reserve the right to remove any guest whose dog is deemed disruptive, noisy or aggressive or the subject to any complaints from other guests

* Please do not wash pet bedding in our washing machines, there is a washing machine s

* Please do not wash your pet anywhere in the Park.

*If we receive any complaints of your pet being a nuisance, behaving badly or causing damages, you will be asked to leave without refund and will bear any cost to repair damages.



*No smoking inside or outside any of the park facilities including camp kitchen, pool area, ablutions, reception, laundry and park owned on site accommodation

*Please only smoke in open areas and away from other guests. 


A $300 fee applies if the smell of smoke is present in our cabin after you check out, if there is the smell of smoke on check-in please advise us.



*Supervise your children at all times. this is to ensure that the children do not cause a nuisance or inconvenience to other occupants, management or employee of the caravan park.

*Damage caused by your child is your responsibility and the cost of repair will be covered by you.

*You will be asked to leave without refund should we receive any complaints regarding your childrens behaviour or their actions.

*Keep children out of other peoples sites

*Ensure that preschool aged children are supervised by an adult when using the ablution block



*Please adhere to fire restrictions during your stay.

*Please ensure fire is in an enclosed fire drum. It’s your responsibility to ensure the fire you light is safe and does not cause any damage to our grounds. A $100 fine applies for any affected area.

*On check-out please ensure the fire area is clean and free of wood and fire debris.

*Ensure that any discarded debris is not hot and disposed of appropriately.

*Ensure the fire you light will not cause any danger or can harm other guest and their property.

*Please do not collect wood or fire material from our Park unless you have checked with management

*Penalty of $300 for not following any of the above will be charged to you and you will be asked to leave the Park.


Ablution block

*Do not wash dishes in hand basins

*Do not dump caravan cassettes anywhere in the ablution (we have a dump point for this) fines will issued and you will be required to clean it up

*Be courteous to others and clean up after yourself

*Do not leave items behind, they will be thrown away

*Close ablution doors at night

*Please do not use excessive toilet paper or put anything other than toilet paper into the toilet our sceptic system is very sensitive



*Do not wash dishes in the laundry trough

*Remove washing promptly from the washing machines, dryer or clotheslines upon the completion of washing or drying. (The caravan park owner may remove and store laundry items as a result of noncompliance.)

*Private clotheslines may be erected at the side of caravans but out of obvious view

*Do not dump caravan cassettes anywhere other than the dump point

*Please make sure the machine is clean before you use.

*Please report to office and do not use the machine if it is not clean.  We do not refund or compensate when your washing is damaged by previous users debris.


Camp Kitchen

*Camp kitchen hours 6am-10pm

*Clean up after yourself

*You are welcome to use provided items as long as they are washed/dried and put away

*Be courteous to others using the space

*If using the fridge label items with name/date, unlabeled items will be put in the bin

*Basin must be kept clean after each use

*BBQ must be cleaned after each use

*Microwave must be kept clean



*Children must be supervised at all times

*No running, no diving, no jumping or bombies (keep the water in the pool)

*No using pool area for anything other than swimming, this isn’t a play area

*No foreign objects in the pool


Noise/Quiet Time

* Keep noise to a minimum at all times ensuring that there is no unnecessary noise at all between 930pm and 8.OOam (Exceptional circumstances may exist where the caravan park owner considers it reasonable that this rule need not be strictly applied. Prior written consent of the caravan park owner/ Manager must be obtained in these instances.)



*Wrap garbage before placing it in the bins.

*Do not use the caravan park garbage disposal facilities for the disposal of anything other than normal household refuse. No raw fish or seafood to go in the bin other then on the morning of bin days (Tuesday/Fridays) must be wrapped and frozen if possible

*If disposing of garden refuse such as leaves, lawn clippings, etc. please consult with the caravan park owner as to a convenient place for collection.

*Hard rubbish is not to be dumped in any rubbish bin please see the office for a suitable spot.


Site maintenance/responsibilities

*The occupants must pay the site fees/rent and any other charges agreed with the caravan park owner before the due dates, in person, via SMS (which will attract a service fee) or at the kiosk. Transaction fee $1.30 every transaction, 1.5% on any card payment

*The occupants must not use or permit the use of the site, the dwelling or the caravan park for any purpose that is illegal at common law or under an Act.

*The occupants must keep their site clean and tidy, free from rubbish and debris

*Maintain the site and caravan in a manner and condition that do not detract from the general standard of the caravan park

*Permanents only- Maintenance checklist to be submitted Annually. Warnings will be issued, after warning if issues aren’t addressed fines will given. Cleaning of rubbish $50/hr Garden maintenance $50/hr

*Occupants must not erect any structure on the site or in the caravan park without the prior consent of the caravan park owner. Schedule of works form must be filled out and approved prior to commencement of any works.

*If any damage other than fair wear and tear is caused to the caravan park or any facilities in the caravan park by the occupant or his or her visitor, the occupant must (a) repair the damage; or (b) notify the caravan park owner or caravan owner of the damage and pay compensation for the damage to the caravan owner or the caravan park owner. The occupants must report to the caravan park owner any damage to or breakdown of communal facilities of which the occupants have knowledge.

 *The occupants must not allow more than the number of persons agreed with the caravan park owner to occupy the site.

*All occupants including visitors must adhere to all caravan park rules


Emergency procedures

*Must adhere to the advice from park owners and staff

*Reverse into sites for quick exit in the case of emergency


Gas Refill

*Gas refill available please see reception


Sullage Policy

Please use sullage drains for your wastewater, either by using your hose or collected into a bucket and emptied into the sullage drain. Some sites may have garden beds and you are welcome to use to for disposing your wastewater. Please use commonsense with regards to discharging your wastewater a fee of $200 will be charged for misuse/mistreating our sites.

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